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Creating a custom text editor inside Webflow

This might sound a little crazy but I want to create a clone of inside Webflow.

I designed as the custom text editor for an online writing course. Students use it to write their assignments and then submit them (via Zapier) to a Circle community. The problem is that Zapier takes 2 min. to publish the topic and this ruins the user experience.

The benefit of doing it with a Webflow form is that submissions are instantly reflected on Circle. Plus, the rest of the course content is also on Webflow, so the flow feels more streamlined when everything is in the same place.

Style-wise it should be straightforward as it’s just a text-area with some styling. But the tricky part is that has some logic to “gamify” the writing assignment. For example, an assignment can have a word-goal and a time-limit (e.g. “You have 5 minutes to write 200 words”).

I know this is outside of Webflow’s main use-case, but if anyone is up to the challenge I’d love to hear from you.

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Hello @renegdn,
Hope you are doing great!

I would like to assist you, PM sent with details pls check.

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This sounds like an interesting project and something right up my alley of expertise
Feel free to reach out me on
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