Creating a connection between Sezzle & Webflow e-commerce


I’ve been looking for ways and people to help me add Sezzle to our Webflow site for so long now but it seems more complicated than I thought since it’s hard to make it happen natively.

Here’s what Webflow has told me but unfortunately I have so much work and not that much knowledge to even start experimenting with this:

Here’s the read-only link:

Info relating Sezzle API connections:

Please note the checkout page which is what we want Sezzle to be shown is actually gated and you need to create an account to access it (it’s all made using Webflow). Also, we have everything set up with Sezzle and they can even help us with the widget but we have to create the API connection first.

Any help with this would be appreciated and even though we’re a startup and our budget is tight I’d be happy to chat and come down to a price that’d be fair for your work.