Creating a component where text edits impact all instances

Our organization has several programs. Each program has a parallel content structure.

I was trying to create an editable consistent heading across all the programs. For example, a heading (A) that now reads “Resources others created” but ultimately might get edited into (B) “Resources from elsewhere”. I created a heading (A) and made a component out of it. Then I pasted it in to all the programs’ pages. Then I edited the text to (B) expecting the wording to change across all instances of the component. It didn’t. It appears that “components” will apply styling across instances but not apply text editing across instances.

Is there a way in Webflow to do what I am trying to do? Change text content in an instance that changes it in other instances?

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The new components update lets you update both the instance ( which is what you did ) and the master, which is the basis/default for all instances.

To edit the master, select the component and click Edit component in the top right corner of your screen.

I tried that. And it appeared uneditable because it wouldn’t let me edit in the field highlighted on the screen (see photo). However, at the top of the the control that appears below "edit component’ once you select it there is a dropdown dialog box (with a very hard to see dropdown trigger just under “Manage Properties”) that reveals a field where the type can be changed.