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Creating a CMS Slider WITH Slider Animation

I’ve seen past posts on this forum and also used my own understanding to create a dynamic CMS “Slider” using a collection list and formatting the pagination buttons to be arrows on the sides. I have everything working perfectly except for one thing: there is no “Sliding animation like sliders have.” Is there any way I can add that effect? Would I need custom code?

An alternative is doing the dynamic slider with a slider element and putting collection items in each slide and limiting to 1 item and showing the appropriate item. However, this won’t work since there’s no way to not display the slide if there aren’t that many collection items; in other words, there may be 6 collection items and 8 slides since the amount of collection items changes.

Thanks in advance for your help,

what is your share link? If we can see what you are doing we will be able to help and advise better.


Hey @SFogel did you ever figure this out? Running into the same issue. Thanks!

Yes. I tried using the pagination, but it didn’t work for me. In addition to the slider effect, it was glitchy and wouldn’t always work.

But, I found an article in the forums with custom code that I pasted into my project and it worked perfectly. For some reason, I can’t find the article anymore, but I see tons of other articles on doing a CMS slider in webflow. Maybe try using a clonable resource and working from there.


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This is what I ended up using and it worked great: