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Created tabs an

I have been working on one of the product pages on my site and I created some tabs and used the tutorial video to create some cool tabs, but after designing the tab menu and the first tab contents, I went to preview and the tab menu disappears…
the page is called “pools” under the products folder. PLEASE help! I already published this and now I feel silly!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @DFink, I don’t understand. Even after I ask it to be visible on all devices, I don’t see it in chrome or on my phone.

Also, I think the menu needs to have an altered state on phones/tablet but don’t know how to best approach that. I am fairly new to webflow design…Anyone plz help.

I apologize. You have an interaction set on the tab menu that sets the initial appearance to Opacity 0%. Thats why it is invisible. You need to target the triangles directly if you want to do an interaction on only those.

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