Created a button to trigger a list to move upwards, problem is, it only allows one/two clicks?

Hello, so I have an Events section that will always change in number and length, so I managed to contain that area. My solution was to animate a “view more” (and also perhaps a “view less”) button to allow visitors to view all the events within that box.

I have yet to animate anything on Webflow, but I created a link box button trigger, and selected the events section to move in a negative direction along the y-axis.

The problems are:

  • The button can only move a designated amount. Since I don’t know exactly how long the events container will be at any given time, I set the button to move incrementally (10%) that way visitors are able to view all the events within that section without skipping any. Although this doesn’t work because the button can only be pressed 1x or 2x.

  • Even if I set the button to do the same thing twice, it for some reason doesn’t work with the same configured animation, perhaps it has something to do with where the animation starts?

  • Although, if I have another button next to it to go the opposite direction, this seems doable, but the 1x-2x click limitation seems too great.

Does anyone know how I could manage a solution to this?

Here is my public share link: [LINK]
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