Create urls based on direct mail

Hi there!

I want to send a postcard to every city. And on this card is a call to action to a specific url. Can I automatically/dynamically create urls within Webflow to catch these call to actions without having to make a 301 for each one?

For example: in the mailing the call to action goes to Can I make a template which will pop up with for example the city name automatically merging with h1? Without having to make a separate landingspage for each city or create 301’s for each url?

This will be around a 1000 urls (cities).

Hope you can help!

Thanks in advance!

Two easy ways to approach this.

If you have the list of cites in advance, and you want to show some details maybe a photo, text, name, whatever, you can create it as a CMS collection, load your cities as a CSV, and then you have all of these built as real pages.

That’s especially useful if you have any city-specific content, maps, products, whatever that you may want to show, and if you would also like the ability to get traffic via search engines, this approach works for SEO.

If you don’t care about any of that, and you don’t have a formal city list, etc. than you could build a “hacked” version of this.

  • One page, which displays the city page. let’s just call it /city.
  • One script on that page, which takes the ?name from the querystring and titlecases it, so e.g. san-jose becomes San Jose, and displays that. This is the only city-specific piece of content on the page.
  • One wildcard redirect, which takes any path of the form /city/(.*) and redirects it to /city?name=%1

This is crude, but might do what you need here.

One additional approach, is just skip the city-specific URLs, and use GeoIP to determine and display the city. It’s pretty accurate and saves you printing 1000 different URLs. You just print /mycity and it auto-displays the name of the city they are visiting from.