Create toggle button for price list


I need to add a “monthly/annualy” button to a price list i’m creating.
Can someone tell me how do I build this button? should I use an HTML embedded code or is there some Webflow built-in solution?

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Hello @Naama!
If you build the price list within Webflow, I’d use the tabs widget for this occasion - two tab where one shows annual and the other monthly. That’s the best solution IMO.

Hello @StevenP,

Your solution is great! I have now 2 problems:

  1. when toggling, the whole table is being replaced, and i wanted only specific field to change. Is that doable?
  2. For some reason, in the “annual” state, I see both tables - monthly and annual. Do you have any idea why is that happening?

This is the website:

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Hi @Naama,
I had the same issue once, and reason of my problem was that I messed up with positions values for tabs. Or there could be issues with interactions.

If you could share read-only link to your project, it would help us to find the problem faster. Guidance how to do this you can find here:
How to Enable a Webflow Share Link


Allright! Well, if you want to keep the tables intact, I’d go for interactions set on the annual/monthly buttons.
It’s a bit late here and I need to get up early for work tomorrow, but I’ll take a look tomorrow and I’ll write you a tutorial what you need to do!

Thank you both @sabanna and @StevenP !!!
This is the link to the website:


It is hard to explain with words, so I made this screen cast:


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Your the best @sabanna!!! It works like a charm…
I really appreciate it.


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You are welcome :slight_smile: Glad I was able to help

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