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Hi, this client contacted me to make the redesign of their website. I have been reviewing the site up and down and found several things that got me a little worried. Since it is a hotel, they have; booking system, payments, 5 languages.

The booking systems do not seem to be connected to anywhere. Although I’d like to see if this is something I can create in webflow and perhaps connect it to a third-party booking system. I would really appreciate if anyone could take a look.

Pachira Lodge


Hi @Sebasgaes!

I had a quick look at the Pachira Lodge website, and it looks to me that only the static pages are in different languages, so this part of the project shouldn’t be difficult. Lots of work, but not so difficult. When finishing one language, you just duplicate all the pages for each language. If you want the blog to be in different languages too, then it’s more up to the staff at the hotel to do a job, from my experience. I did a two language page for a client once, and the client had to write the blogpost in both languages, and when that’s done, the rest of the page updates itself. In cms collections for blogpost, I just made Post body for each languages. Then I made a cms collection for language nr. 2, with the fields Name, Reference (reference to origin blogpost). In this collection you just type in the name of the blogpost in different languages and reference it to the right blogpost. In the CMS template pages you just sort out so you get the rigt language to the right page.

When it comes to booking system, I can’t really give you a good answer. I’m currently looking for a third part myself… till now I’ve found 2 different ones that looks interesting, and it also seems like you can integrate them in Webflow. One is and the other is

Hope this helps you a bit on your way.


Hi Sven, I really appreciate you took the time to review the site and give me your thoughts. I will review the two booking options you gave me to see if they are good fits.
Once again, thank you very much.

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Hi @Sebasgaes. Hope all is well with you. How your project going?
As I mentioned when I wrote you the last time, I was looking for a third part booking system too. I was looking for a booking system for activities and rentals. I know this is not what you need for your project, but in case you will be needing something like this in the future… try TrekkSoft.
It’s easy to use, and easy to integrate in webflow. Works like a charm. It’s a pop up window though, but you can style the colors and text so it fits to your design.

I cam to think of you when I found TrekkSoft. It’s not always that easy to find something that works well. So even if you don’t need it now, I hope it might be helpful in a future project.

Wish you all the best!


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Thanks Sven,

I am looking into this right now.