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Create template for collection list pages?

Hello! I am doing some research to see what types of things I can/cant do with Webflow. One of the things I have not been able to figure out is if I can create templates to use across multiple collections. One example use case would be if I setup a collection database but want to re-use it for many collections that should all look the same - my current understanding is that i would need to create and update each collection individually. Is there any way to create a re-usable collection template? for example, if i create a collection for shirts, to be able to use the same template (collection fields and item page layout) for my collection of pants? One reason i want to do this is if there are too many items to keep organized in a single collection - to be able to break them out into separate collections, but all still use the same template.

I am also not sure how or if i could create a template for the collection list page, so if i edit one collection list page it affects all collection list pages that use that template. Is it possible to create a template for the list pages? ie: Catalog Collection, with collection item page for shirts (that contains a collection list connected to the shirts collection), and a collection item page for pants (that contains a collection list connected to the pants collection) – i cannot figure out how I would dynamically pull in the correct collection list.

I am pretty sure I cannot use Webflow for my project due to page/collection item limits (large catalog of items) – but curious if i could do everything else needed if those limits weren’t an issue (perhaps in the future).

Thank you for clarification and tips! + D .