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Create Subdomain/Multiple Pages

Hello I need help creating a subdomain/multiple pages for a domain. For example: we currently have a landing page, however we’d like to create a separate landing page as a promo ( is this possible? please advise.

Create a folder called “promo”.
Create a new page in the promo folder.
Name the new page “index”… and leave the slug empty.
This will create index.html in the promo folder.

Hi @Bryan_Trang, just to clarify and extend on @Revolution, you can create a new page by going over to the left of the designer and clicking the page icon, then click the plus button and you can name your page whatever you like and give it any url (“promo”).

Hope this helps :smiley:


@Revolution tried this today but its not possible to leave the slug empty.

it seems the last update change this. I think @Arthur indicated this correctly.

before… if you used “index” as a slug - it warned you it was a reserved word
and simply removing the slug allowed you to save the new index page.

it appears - it still displays a warning…
but now, does not let you save the new index page.

so… use this method instead…

see this video:

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Video doesnt play for me it stuck on 0:02 / 0:25

that’s strange. try this one… it’s a video of me - watching the video.

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Hey guys! thanks for the feedback i figured it out! :slight_smile:

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@Bryan_Trang welcome! Let me know if you need any more help :smile:


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