Create Site Via the API

Hi… I would like to create a base webflow site based on one of the 100 templates via the api.

Is this possible? If so, can you please point me to the right api calls to be able to do this?

Hi @webbased,

Welcome to the community! Not sure what you are trying to get at? Are you referring to adding content by way of an external source through the API?

Or do you mean to actually create the layout of the site by way of the API?

Hi… I would like to choose a template and create the base site using the api.

So on my end there would be an image list of all the templates that webflow offers. Hopefully there is an api call for this also.

The user would select one for their site as a starting point and click Go.

Then they click go, I would like to make a call to the api to create their site based on that template.

From there the user would land in the webflow site and is able to edit from there.

Hi @webbased,

Unfortunately what you are looking/asking to do is not possible with Webflow or their Template system.

Due to the fact that each user must have the template on their own account, the suggested configuration is not possible. This is not Open-source like WordPress.

Users would have to start by creating [at min] a free account. Choosing the template they want to start from and then editing and making changes to that template to work with their layout.

Yes it’s currently not possible but definitely possible to adjust their api to do this which is what I am asking for.

I’m not sure WebFlow being closed source has any bearing. Code is code and the licensing of a particular product has no impact on the feasibility of this enhancement.

returns list of templates associated with the users account that matches their ID. So if I am a premium member then it will send me back all the templates for my account access level.

createSite(id, domain, templateID)
creates the site based on the template id passed and returns the url that I can use for the redirect.

The pseudo code could look something like that.

That might be true @webbased, however how Webflow has their Template system setup, it is not designed for this function. The API is open for individual projects, not on the premise of acquiring templates.

You can submit a Wishlist feature request at for such a possibility tho.

Thank you. There seems to be an open request so I went ahead and voted on it.

Thanks again for your response.

Best Regards,

Kapil Pershad