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Create shop pages for businesses to advertise

Hi all,

Complete newby here! I recently started looking into webflow on how to create a website and find it fascinating the potential webflow offers for your website. I’m still trying to learn all the tips and tricks, however there is one concept I am trying to understand and hoping someone can help me.

It will be easier to explain via an example. How do you create different client ecommerce stores on the same website, for example when a restaurant wants to sign up to advertise themselves on Uber Eats, or a person wants to create their own shopify page. Is this done through CMS? Do you have to create a seperate page for every individual business or do you only need one page and CMS fills out the information?

Main key points that I am after:

  • I want businesses to be able to click a button to create their own page on our website (still in progress and being made).

  • It will be the same layout for all pages, however obviously contain their own information (name, picture/logo, about, location, etc) on the page and what they will be selling.

  • I want them to be able to add tags their account so when people search for them they will be able to find them and filter out when searching.

  • I also want them to be able to edit what is shown on only their page.

  • I want the pages to be searcheable so it works with the search bar (another question for another day on how to add a search bar to search for these pages and filter according to the pages tags)

I have no clue on how this can be done and am very interested. If someone could please explain how, that would be amazing! If this is something that would need a video chat, I am also happy to do that (happy to pay for professional help however it is important that I know how to do this myself for future use)



Hi Martin

This is potentially an edge case us of Webflow in that Webflow is not an application builder. Webflow is a great front end tool for nailing your design, delivering a fast site and has a capable search feature set. To enable this self management of their business profile you would need to consider using a platform stack. For Example Glide apps (Logged in profile management), Integromat (push updates) and Webflow (Front end searcher experience). Otherwise you would look at one of the low code app builders out there I guess.