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Create Review Widget from JSON Data

I’m looking to have someone create a little corner widget displaying reviews pulled from a JSON data source.

  1. See the attached GIF, or visit to see the example live.

  2. JSON source is coming from BrightLocal’s review data

I only need this to be a little container in the bottom left that will auto-update:

  • the average rating
  • total review count
  • number of stars (IE a 4.5 will have four and one half stars filled in)

BONUS if you can make it so on-click, it will expand the div and show a list of reviews

  • If that last part is terribly complicated (IE $$$) then, I can just put it in a regular link block and link it to a review page.

I have the JSON data feed that I can privately send if needed to look at it.

@Bradpaulp Hi Brad, do you have budget and timeframe for this project

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Hey Brad! You can post your project to and receive proposals from our vetted Webflow developers (who also do mentoring on our site). Feel free to post your project.

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(Random follow up) do you know how to enable email notifications of replies on this discourse forum?

I used to have email notifications setup on the old forum now I don’t get any.

I thought people were just not answering my forum questions. Hahah.

@Bradpaulp ~ In your account preferences there’s a “Notifications” section. : ) To follow a discussion, you would click the “Bookmark this post”.

I figured it out actually, under settings > EMAIL.
It was turned off for “when someone replies to me”