Create redirect from URL containing åäö

I’m trying to setup redirect with URL that contains åäö, but it’s not possible since it’s only support alphanumeric characters.

I’m trying to redirect from /tag/framtidens%-återförsäljare to /tag/framtidens-aterforsaljare but it’s not possible, any ideas how to solve it?

Hi Patrick, those are alphanumeric chars as well.
A few things to try-

  • Your % shouldn’t ( theoretically ) be needed here since you’re not using a wildcard match. However I’ve seen weird things lately. I’d try it with and without.
  • You might also try using a URL-encoded path to see of Webflow matches these properly;
  • If WF is really struggling to match, and the starting portion of your URL is unique enough, you could try a wildcard match, e.g.;

If none of those work I’d contact support and see what they can suggest that’s not covered in the docs.