Create Listings with multiple categories & category specific details

I am creating a website with listings from multiple users, vendors and sources - the listings have a wide range of categories & subcategories and specific details that relate to the category/subcategory. I am trying to figure out the best way to have a singular cms collection of “listings” and still be able to collect and store the specific details that pertains to the item. When listings are shown together on the homepage the listings would display content that all listings have: Title, price, location, category - but once in the specific category the listing would then show the spec details for the category. The content collected on each item/animal can be used in multiple ways not just as a listing. Pets for sale, pet profile, pet management. I currently have a CMS collection for Inventory Items, Professional Services, Pets, Vehicles and Properties

Example Categories: Clothing & Accessories, Pets For Sale, Vehicles, Real Estate, Pet Services
Spec Details to display once in the category page:

Clothing: Gender, Clothing Type, Size, Color
Pet For Sale: Age, Breed, Color, Gender
Vehicle: Year, Make, Model, Mileage
Real Estate: Bedrooms, Bathrooms, SQFT, Lot Size
Pet Services: Service, Location, Ratings & Reviews

This is a large project that will not remain on webflow, however, I am using webflow as a live prototyping tool for design, content collection/organization and functionality.

I am not a web designer or developer but have learned to use webflow as a design tool. I now have a basic design prototype and now need to add the content and start connecting the design to the content so I can get the actual web development team going.

Thanks for the help!