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Create item with Integromat - file upload issue


Anyone know the trick to adding a file when creating collection items? The error message is as follows. The url is dropbox share link

The operation failed with an error. [400] ValidationError: Validation Failure Expected value to have a ‘url’ field: invoice

@HammerOz did you ever manage to resolve this issue?

I’m having the same problem trying to upload a file via Integromat. I’m not seeing an error, the file just isn’t being uploaded.

Hi Alastair,

Funnily enough, I have just encountered the same issue again! I ended up going with the embed option to solve this originally.

What I am thinking is that I need to make an api call to this endpoint in order to actually get a dropbox image or file link that plays nice with apis. As i understand it, the dropbox share links are not a link to the actual file, but a preview.

Edit: this is not a solution as of yet, just an idea

Thanks for getting back to me @HammerOz!

By the embed option, you mean just some custom code with a link to where the file is hosted externally?

That could be a possibility, but if I can get it to work with Integromat (and be hosted on Webflow), that would be preferable.

It’s weird as I can get an image to upload via Integromat to the Webflow CMS, but not a file.

It’s weird, as even with a sample file location the pdf just isn’t there as an ‘output’.

How it’s sent into Integromat

Input to Webflow module

Output from Webflow module

Oh sorry mate. I was talking about image, but the file is another thing I need to sort too!

I notice you have the data as a url for the source file. I think it needs to be data / binary. So you need a download dropbox file step prior to the create new webflow item. I couldn’t get this to work, but Webflow support could at the time…

With regard to the embed, that was done with Google drive. Not sure you can embed with dropbox files. Worst case is you link off page to the original dropbox share url.

Ah ok, nice. I’m trying to get it to work with Integromat’s ‘HTTP get a file’ scenario, but still no luck :thinking:

Will keep you posted if I find a solution, and thanks for your help.

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The dropbox download file (and as http request) will work with other modules like send a gmail. Webflow has something finicky going on! Maybe …

Hi Alastair.

I got files uploading via integromat to Webflow.

Note a common issue is Webflow form settings should not require user to be logged in.

Use a Webflow api module as opposed to the Webflow integromat create items modules. The standard module reveals the source file name and data dialog as you have posted above and this does not work. It needs a “your file field name”: “public url” structure to work. Hope this helps.

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awesome, this is exactly what I was hoping to achieve - thanks @HammerOz!

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