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Create hover IX that can be reapplied without resetting the element

As the title says. Is there a way to create an interaction that will be applied multiple times to something without reverting the hover change on hover out? For example, if I have an element that I want to rotate 90deg on hover and then stay where it is until the next hover which will again rotate it 90deg (making it 180 from the initial state) and so forth.

Hi @Dram, not sure what you mean? But I think you just want - 1 side of the interaction, not both sides right?

I want (for example) an object to rotate by its z-axis 90 degrees with each hover. As in - first hover, object is at 90deg; hover out, nothing happens; second hover, object is at 180; hover out, object stays at 180; another hover, object is at 270 etc-etc

edit: at this point I am pretty sure it is impossible in a straightforward fashion, IX won’t allow this. And I cannot for the life of me figure out the hack for that.