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Create different layout on mobile and desktop version

How do I create different layouts for mobile and desktop version? I created layout for mobile version and tried hiding it for the desktop version. However when I hide it on desktop, it automatically hides it on the mobile version as well. There is no option on Webflow to make it visible on desktop or mobile only.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Nicole Lee

Hey Nicole,

You need to go back to the mobile view in the designer and select a display mode to specifically say you want it to show on mobile.

Everything cascades down from desktop so if you make something hidden on desktop it’ll be hidden on mobile until you select otherwise

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Hi David,

May I know how would i specifically say I want to display it on mobile?
According to the tutorial, I would have to select “visible on mobile”, but I cant seem to find this in the designer for my site.

This is how mine looks.

Hey Nicole,

That part of Webflow has been discontinued, you need to select it on the first menu (the one with the paintbrush), please see below screenshot

In the bit that says “display”, you pick one of the first four options for desktop and then on mobile select the last one.

Got it ,thank you so muuch!

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