Create CMS Layout


How to create this type of layout in CMS collection and full dynamic layout set.
any items add then like this layout should all items display.
so I’m not sure how to make this work. Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!!
-Nensi Butani

Hi Nensi, it depends entirely on what those CMS items look like.

From your image I think I’m seeing 3 tile types;

  • square image, only
  • portrait image + caption, overlaid
  • portrait image + caption, separate and with bg-color
    • variations on position, caption above or below

Depending on how you want to handle responsiveness, I’d build that as a CSS grid layout with 3 or 4 different tile types, that you manually choose with each CMS item.

It’s this technique here, applied within a collection list rather than on the collection page.