Create and update experience pages

  1. Sending passwords from webflow to memberstack
  2. Creating a page with editable fields for registered users
  3. User registration and saving/updating data
  4. Identification of current and new users.

It is described in more detail in the terms of reference - Create and update experience pages - Google Docs

Hey @Sergey_Dizhenin , did you end up solving this problem?

I took a quick glance at the doc you shared.

I’m not fully understanding the issue you encountered with passwords, but it is indeed possible to create a form in Webflow that signs up a user by email and password.

RE this line in the doc:
The Webflow constructor should have its own authorization by mail and password, and here the main problem is how webflow will understand the specific user and will open his specific profile for editing.
You can achieve this with Memberstack and Webflow.
We use sessions to handle authenticating and authorizing members on protected Webflow pages.
Also, we’re in 2.0 (open beta) now, and made a lot of improvements. Now, members can have profile pages without you having to create to a dedicated page for them in a CMS collection.
Your members will be able to edit and view their profile info using our custom fields feature.

Hopefully you got everything resolved… but if not, feel free to reach out to me if you need help setting anything up with Memberstack.

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