Create an interactive pdf brochure in Webflow

For a client, I am looking for a way to migrate their offline PDF brochures to Webflow so that all content is easily customizable in the Editor and the brochures can be made interactive with videos, hovers, pop-ups, automatic translations, etc.

It is important that the end user has a similar experience as with a PDF brochure that they download from a website and open in the browser. It should meet the following points:

  • The PDF has an A4 size on desktop where you can scroll through the pages by scrolling down;
  • There should be a download button in the screen (e.g. sticky at the bottom) and after this is clicked, the PDF should be downloadable in A4 size and should be printable in this size (important!);
  • Content should be continuous; If text is added to a text and the end of the page is approaching, the text should automatically continue on the next page.

I am leaning towards a solution such as but would prefer to keep this in Webflow itself. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!