Create a URL specific spotlight

Hello guys! I’m new to webflow and couldn’t find the answer to what I need anywhere else in this forum. Sorry if this is repeated but…

I’m currently designing a CMS website that will work as a “design process” library. The idea is to have cards with the different methods/tools we use and when you choose one, a modal opens on top of the gallery screen (like Dribbble and Behance do: A larger spotlight card and a black layer with low opacity on the background).

I’ve found a way to design this modal but never found a way to keep a specific URL, so people can share the link of that particular tool/method. Can you help me with that?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @lucasterra

If you use modals in this case you’re not going to be able to share a link just copying the link from the address bar because you’re not in a different page whenever you click on one of the tool/method.

I can suggest creating a sharing links following the below tutorial and then inside of each code specify the slug of the tool/method through the dynamic embed field ‘slug’

Hope this helps.