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Create a switch to redirect to different pages

I’m almost done with my dynamic website. As one of my major final touches, I wanted some of my dynamic lists to go to a different page layout.

Logically that would be achievable by creating a switch in the collection from which the items are listed. But then I have no idea how to filter the items to be shown in different page layouts?

The other possible solution I can think of is to have separate collections, but the listing of the items to be a mixed listing of the 2 collections.

I would like to hear your advice. Perhaps something like this is not even possible?

You have to use the same template, but show/hide different sections based on a category, or checkbox, etc.

@samliew, the point is that I want all my items from the dynamic list to be shown and I’m planning to have an alternative layouts for some of them.

@Zlate Nice to see you’re using Webflow :smiley: