Create a repeatable content with embedded HTML

Hello !

I need to create a sort of list with content management in the designer ? Is that possible ?

As pseudo HTML code, here is what I need:

  <!-- for item in webflow.pagedata.items -->
 <li>{{ }} </li>
  <!-- endfor -->

Thanks !

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If you’re really trying to create that specific HTML, dynamically, you’ll need to use script, and pull the data you want from a Collection List to build it.

If you are just wanting numbered items, you can do that using a bit of custom CSS, look up CSS counters. Let me know if that’s your approach, because I started building a small cloneable to help people with the basic concepts needed there.

You mean I have to use the Webflow API ?

? No. I didn’t say anything about using the API.
You’d use that if you’re connecting to external systems.