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Create A Draggable Gutter To Resize Elements

Can anyone suggest a way to add the ability to drag to resize? Kinda like how Codepen has the pane-based layout that allows you to adjust the sizes. Inside of a section I have created a Sidebar, a gutter, and a Main section. This is where I would like to use the ability to drag the gutter and resize either the side bar or the main section to taste.


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Can only be done using custom code

I know that. Perhaps I should have asked this question in “Custom Code Help”? I was actually looking for the way - “Design Help”.

Sam, I see you did exactly what I am trying to achieve can you tell me what plugin you used to achieve the result?

I custom-coded everything. No plugins were involved…

I see you didn’t use split.js or anything so whatever you did has no dependencies? Could you show me what part of yours to copy I can name out everything the same I really just need the ability to resize children of a parent with a drag handle. So many times I have been left with no way to do this… I don’t need an elaborate version of it just something that works so I can finish this mock up and show it to the dev.

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