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Create a custom booking widget

Hello everyone! Not 100% sure this is the right category so if it’s wrong let me know and I’ll delete and repost in the right category.
Basically my client has an arcade that takes online bookings as well as walk-ins(per hour pay).
The current booking widget they use is the free one provided by their management system platform and it looks exactly like this. When the customer clicks on “reserve a station” in the main page, it takes them to that widget on a new tab where they can select the experience they want to book, the date, amount of players/stations and the time the reservation would start.
The platform supports API Calls and their support provided a link with all their APIs that enables me to create a custom widget, however I am a designer with very very little coding and webflow knowledge as well.
My idea is to have a modal wrapper so that once the visitor clicks on let’s say “reserve immersive experience” it opens a modal popup with a pre-selected time of 1h and correct experience, showing a total cost and a calendar to select date and available times, just like the one linked above but with my own design, cause the current one is not mobile friendly and not very beautiful to look at “per se”. I can handle making all the buttons, popups etc but what I can’t seem to find is a tutorial showing how to make api calls and configure that kind of thing. Can anyone point me in the right direction here to learn how to work with apis and webflow?


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