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Create a conditional visibility on a reference

Hi Webflow,

I’m working on a new website for a band. In the CMS I want to add ‘albums’ and ‘shops’ separate from each other. So I made a collection called: ‘album’ and ‘online shops’. So i can reference the online shops link from other destination as well. From the album I put a reference to the online shops. This all works fine. But I want to add a new conditional visibly condition that when a specific link is not set, the shop is not displayed.

I can not set a condition on an item in a reference. But it is possible to add the link from a reference.

Hope this is clear… See the collection and how they link with each other.

Here is my public share link:

Hello, @martijnrunia

I don’t see any “online shops” collection on the site that you shared :confused:

Hi @sabanna
That’s right in the meantime i deleted that collection and made it work in an other way. But i’m still curious if it is possible to set a conditiion to a specific reference.


Any light on this question? I want to know if it is possible too.

Let me explain with an example.

  1. A “Blog Post” and it “Author” collections.
  2. The author have a link field named “Twitter Profile Link”.
  3. In a Blog Post Template Page i want to show the Twitter Profile only if it is set.

I could create a link and populate with “Current Blog Post -> Author -> Twitter Profile Link”.

But i could not use it in the visible condition like "Show if {Current Blog Post -> Author -> Twitter Profile Link} is SET.

I hope you undertand the example. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

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