Crazy grid / each item overflow when I publish

Hi everyone !

Here’s my problem, which look simple but took me already almost 1/2 day to look at.

Check my read-only link here.

Ok, you can see 4 columns with 25% width each, right ?

So why do I got this (password is “test”) when I publish ? You can see my 4 columns overflowing so much and I can’t understand how.

Thanks by advance for your help !


@admin_Sesame, you have a no-wrap on the ‘sous-nom’ which forces the parent wrapper to follow it’s width. With the Grid column being 1fr-1fr-1fr-1fr, it will adjust all the column width based on the widest column.

I haven’t thought of a fix yet, but you can try hiding the ‘sous-nom’ and publish to see it fixed temporarily.

Thanks for that !
I think I’ll work with flexbox instead of grid.
I put your answer in solution. :pray:

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