Crashing elements on mobile?

What normally confuses me is when elements crash/spill over into another when, afaik, the setup is pretty standard and each element is within their respective section and nothing ‘fancy’ has been done to make it do anything other than it’s normal function.

So Desktop looks fine, tablet looks fine but in mobile landscape and portrait, the ‘about us’ section spills over into the ‘testimonial’ section.

It looks to me to be the caused by the 100VH style on your main section

To fix:

  1. On the body style make the height: 100%

  2. On the main section style make the height: 100%

  3. On the media query. Either tablet or mobile landscape. Make the Height: auto

In general VH is not recommended to be used yet, as it’s not fully supoorted by all browsers.

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Thanks @mention79. Strange that it worked on another site but not this one though.

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