Crash course tutorial is outdated

Hi I just signed up for Webflow as a new user and im going through the crash course 101 however, its really outdated. It doesn’t apply to todays platform and it’s 5 years old. Is there a newer version of this that I can learn from?

Hey @nyahmega!

Good question!

Our University is full of great lessons you can check out here:

Here’s a few I’d recommend:

If you’ve got a specific question as well, the Forum is a great place to ask :blush:

Happy designing!

Thanks! I just completed the webflow 101 crash course. This is just for my own learning and for my own website, not to create a portfolio for others. Which course would you recommend next for me? I was thinking the Ultimate Web Design Course but i’m not sure. It would be nice if there was a seamless progression from beginner to advanced with a step by step approach to mastering everything with course recommendations.