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Cr@zAy Performance Improvement

Hi guys and gals!

Yesterday we made a big change to Webflow. Thanks @callmevlad for the months of hard work! You should notice a big improvement in speed and overall performance, especially if you have a big project with many elements and styles.

Besides the major speed boost, this update fixes a lot of quirky CSS bugs like…

  • Background Image property repeating itself to smaller devices
  • Relative, Absolute and Fixed positions creating random values.
  • And a lot of other random bugs.

Let us know if this update causes any issues with your old sites.


Was this update hoping to fix the issue with background images not displaying properly on iPad and iPhone? I’ve republished my site ( and I’m still getting the same issue of the background images being incorrectly displayed.

Thanks, as always, for the epic work you gentlemen (and ladies?) are doing. The whole sliders thing is just gorgeous.

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Hey @Ambrose go to your media queries and clear all your classes with background images so that they cascade down from the Desktop media query. Let me know if this helps!

Hey Sergie

Happy New Year - here’s hoping 2014 is an epic year for Webflow.

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’m afraid I don’t know what a “media query” is or how to clear my classes. Would you mind explaining a bit more please?


This is huge ! Thanks !

Yeah, sorry about that! Go to your devices on the left panel and wherever you see this:


Click on Image & Gradient and then click on “Remove this Style.”

Hhhmmm…when I click on Image & Gradient I get: “This value is being inherited from:” and the styles are listed along with an “OK” button. No “Remove this Style” option.

Hey @Ambrose, can you send us a troubleshooting link?

I’ve raised a support issue which I hope will help

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