Cpanel domain is redirecting to webflow site


I’ve setup a client’s website using cPanel and when we tried to access cPanel afterwards, the url was giving us a 404 error from webflow. How can I fix this?

Hi @Madute_Ledwaba,

Can you provide some DNS record information to see how you’ve set things up. Then we can troubleshoot from there.


The domain is which is set as the default as well, but then when I try logging in back into cPanel using it redirects to the 404 page on webflow.

Hi @Madute_Ledwaba,

If you are hosting ypur site on the Webflow platform (which it appears you are), then cPanel is no longer accessible via ‘your-url’/cpanel, as the DNS records are now pointong to Webflow servers and not the previous hosting provider.

However, you should be able to access the cPanel for that site via the main account login for the hosting account your client would have had originally.

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much Keiran, Will let you know how it goes!