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Coworking Website

Hi there everyone,

I just wanted to show everyone the following website that I built over the course of a few weeks… it’s not perfect and I think there is still a lot of things to improve on, BUT only about a year and a half ago there was absolutely no chance I would ever be able to build a website at all.

I just wanted to share my appreciation to the Webflow team who have built an incredible useful tool that has helped me develop some amazing skills that I use everyday at work, @PixelGeek whose tutorial videos I watch all the time and all the members of the forum who are always super helpful.

Some of the things I am proud of doing:

  • Sticky Nav on the individual space pages
  • A google map with multiple markers that are pulled from individual CMS items.
  • Zapier automation that has automated the entire onboarding process.

Hi @finlayconn

Great work, and another example of Webflow being a great enabler :+1:


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beautiful work! :smiley:

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Great job!
I LOVE the Google maps customisation you did. How did you achieve that?

Nice work! Everything looks great.