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COVID-19 related site. Help with filters please 🙏

Hi there,

I created a site for listing the commerces of a small city and make “forward payments”. This is the read-only link:

I used and tweaked this template
and I also followed this awesome tutorial from the Webflow blog to add dynamic filtering to the CMS collection list.

It works great but there are two things to improve:

Mixitup doesn’t recognize special characters. So a term called “Estética” or “Calçat” needs to be called “Estetica” or “Calcat” in order to be filtered. Is it a way to solve this issue? These misspellings don’t look very professional in my language…

It would be awesome to add a dynamic search field for search specific results. This template uses a dynamic search field but it’s synced with an external plugin… And honestly, I don’t have the necessary knowledge to make it work…

I will appreciate any help or advice.

Thanks in advance!


  var conv = function (str) {
if (!str) {
    str = 'empty';
}  return str.replace(/[!\"#$%&'\(\)\*\+,\.\/:;<=>\?\@\[\\\]\^`\{\|\}~]/g, '')
          .replace(/ /g, "-")

I have no prior experience with the library, but it seems to be already replacing some problematic characters (like spaces) for it’s own purposes, so I think just adding another replacement there should work for you, but you need to add there all the problematic character and their replacements.

So try adding something like this after the first replace:

.replace(/é/g, "e")
.replace(/ç/g, "c")