Cover/Fixed Background not working on publish

I created this a week ago and am just about to show my client and the background image on the element called “blur box” isn’t working. I thought this might be related to a lot of different things (blur filter, cropped/negative margin edges, etc), but narrowed it down to that it’s simply the fixed & cover settings on the background. This was working until today. But today, even the backups are not showing it correctly. I checked in several browsers. It looks great in webflow, but even in the preview, it breaks.

Upon further testing, I figured out that interactions break the background image’s fixed position.

I figured out another way to animate.


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

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Have you tried un-publishing the site and then re-publishing? I have seen a lot of weird things “fix themselves” after un/re.

Thanks, Rofe. I figured it out and updated my question with the solution. It was because the blur background doesn’t work on elements that have interactions applied!