Course Creation / Thrivecart / Squarespace

Hey hey! Im relatively new to Webflow but I am finding it really difficult to find solutions for what I am chasing and hoping you guys can help :slight_smile:

Essentially I want to showcase/sell both my entire course & I will also be selling my modules seperately on Squarespace.

I am wanting to have the Student pay via Thrivecart so I can offer the main Course on a payment plan.

My biggest reason for Webflow is I want to have more control over the design of my Course Dashboard (LMS) so essentially I want to leverage Webflow as the LMS.

Can I link Thrivecart to my Webflow member area (from what I can see via Zapier, this isnt possible) OR would I have to sell my courses through the Webflow infrastructure as ‘Products’ and if so, can I still do this payment plans and Stripe?

Ideally I would love to just keep Thrivecart as the payment processor, and my Students info links through and creates a login inside of Webflow, they receive the account invite, and access their course information via Webflow (depending on what they purchased, so will need to lock down each section if necessary)

Thank you, any insights would be super helpful :slight_smile:

Hi @elevatewithecommerce,

Have you read Thrivcart’s docs, there’s a URL function for the membership embed. You should be able to simply embed Thrivecart into Webflow using a simple code snippet.

Hey Gary! Yes I could embed the Cart into Webflow, but I am more hoping to have the purchase completed in Thrivecart, and then the Student Data (Name, Email, Product Id) feed through to Webflow :slight_smile:

Yep, I gotcha. It still can, but the link to the specific product will be on Webflow. Then when they click to open it, Thrivecart’s payment page is still going to pull the data back into your account. I have Snipcart, which does the same thing. All the customer data is still stored in my dashboard. You can pick which customer info you need in the payment gateway page upon purchase.

Webflow is simply showing the same page. Thrivecart has to give you a webpage anyway, even if it’s a store. All ecommerce platforms seamlessly do this. The store is basically a website just like Webflow. But when a purchase is made, the site moves and converts to a payment gateway page. That’s why most platforms rarely allow you to adjust the payment page. Paypal, Gumroad, Selz, etc, all of them have a payment page. It really has nothing to do with a web builder, some just allow you to build webpages too.

When you embed this inside Webflow, it’s going to show Thrivecart’s page seamlessly.

Sorry to bother you, but while you can embed Thrivecart’s payment page into Webflow, the data processing and customer information are primarily handled by Thrivecart, not Webflow. The data is stored in Thrivecart’s dashboard, outside Webflow’s system. I am now researching more online resources for the students’ learning process and have also discovered that is an excellent service for taking good grades for your courses or lessons. I get essay writing help online and have to say the best experts are working here. I hope you will find it useful.

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