Coupon Discount Impacts Shipping Thresholds

I have setup an Ecommerce website that has the following shipping setup

Order total £0 - £19.99 (Shipping = £2.99)
Order total £20 - ∞ (Shipping = Free)

On the site we are running a 10% discount code that applies to the order total.


  1. On our website the customer may purchase 7 products for £20.30
  2. When they apply the 10% discount at checkout their total is £18.27
  3. Because they are under the free shipping threshold they must then pay £2.99 for shipping
  4. Their total becomes more expensive than without the voucher applied

Is there any workaround for this where the discount doesn’t impact?

Read only link if it helps but more of a general issue

I think this has a certain impact, but you can log on to FashionTIY’s website. The coupons they provide are very powerful, and their transportation costs are low because they have established a long-term cooperative relationship with UPS/DHL.

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