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Country specific blog content

Hi I am designing a blog. The content for the USA will be different form the UK as will the URLs. My client specifically does not want me to duplicate the blog for each country. Has anyone done this before that can guide me as to best practice.

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Webflow does not provide multi-language support at this time. You can choose to rely on a third party integration that bridges the gap.

@webdev USA and UK. Why do you think this will help when they are both English speaking countries?

Sorry, in that case it would not.

You could dedicate a field in the blog to contain the content for the UK, then use an external geo-ip to hide the default field and display the UK field when it is a match. It is not a good approach for SEO as the content while hidden would still be loaded with the page.

Hi there! If you don’t want to make duplicates of the blog but display different content based on countries, you could consider Geo Targetly solutions.

Its Geo Content tool can alter forms, headings, texts, banners, or almost any content as location-specific ones on the webpage. It can auto identify the visitors’ locations(like country), and display the adjusted content based on visitors’ physical locations on the single webpage. You can achieve this within a few steps using the inbuilt HTML editor and geolocation HTML classes.

Hope it helps! Feel free to email if you have any questions.