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Counter interaction

Hi all,

I would like to integrate a counter interaction like this one: on a webflow page.

I put the CSS in header, the JQ in footer and the Html in embed code, but it didn’t work out:

It would be very nice if you could help me. Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,

You did not import the counterUp plugin script and its dependancy. jQuery does not need to be loaded again as Webflow loads a copy for you.

Hi @samliew, thanks a lot for your help! However, I have no idea where and how should I import the counterUP plugin :confused: Should I import all 3?



  delay: 10,
  time: 2000
$('.counter').addClass('animated fadeInDownBig');
$('h3').addClass('animated fadeIn');


<script src="SCRIPTurlGOEShere"></script>

for each script (in same order as codepen), replace SCRIPTurlGOEShere


I got it :smiley: Thanks a lot!!

Can one of y’all explain exactly what you did to get this to work?