Countdown/Days Until Event – Based On Form Input

Hi all,

I need to create a form with a date input that when you pick a date in the future, a module shows up that shows how many days until that date. I’ve found a few resources for custom code on stack overflow and jsfiddle, but wasn’t able to find anything webflow specific. Can’t share read-only for client purposes… any help would be super sweet!


Hi @tucker Webflow is nothing else than GUI ( graphical user interface) that allows you to create HTML and CSS only by clicking a mouse but it will generate standard code on the end of the day anyway. This mean that you can use any JS code to be applied in your WF website in areas that are capable to run your code as Embed element or before <body> in page or site settings.

If you are not familiar where and how can be custom code applied I will suggest to visit Webflow university to get familiar with this platform.