Count of orders displayed on product screen

Hi there,

  1. Does anyone know how I can display the # of a particular item already purchased
  2. How to trigger that without an actual purchase happening (I’m validating so want to avoid the effort for now)

I’m trying to create a flow where user 1 can see item A has 0 orders, they can place an order for Item A and then user 2 will see item A has 1 order. After their order, user 2 will see item A has 2 orders and so on.

I’d like to decide when I trigger that tick up, independent of a payment flow - it’ll be when they pass a particular page.


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If this is per-product and is visible to all users, then you’re talking about a “likes” tracking feature. You could build a custom solution with javascript and a storage service. The main solution that is used in the Webflow community is Jetboost’s-

You’d need to adapt it so that instead of users clicking a Like button, you’d trigger that when an item is added to the cart.

Anything occuring after the order is completed would likely have to happen through the API via some automations.