Could you tell me a little bit more about Webflow CMS E-Commerce Integration explain

Hi Webflow Team,

Feeling like blindfolded here about the coming soon “CMS-E Commerce Integration”.
Could you give me just a little bit more hint about it?

It will be just an easier way of integration with the 3rd party (like ECWId/SHOPIFY)?
Or you will have your own native e-commerce suite which i can forget those 3rd party?

Pleassssse hint me,

I am so sad here since most of my potential customers request an ecomemerce site. I had tried to integrate with SHOPIFY but these method is require ME to add a new product every single time via webflow which my customers find it very inconvenient. They expect that every time they add a new item via Shopify, it will instantly updated on the web. They don’t understand why i have to come in between. Also a “multiple languages” feature is playing a very important part in my circumstances.

So I am not sure if i should start getting serious about becoming Shopify Theme Designer to catch those market or there is a light shining for me from your coming “CMS E-Commerce” ?

Hi @KMB That is a good question.

It seems you’re well aware of our Dynamic Embeds feature that helps integrate third-party e-commerce platforms to your Webflow dynamic collection. Yes, this workflow can be tedious for stores with a lot of inventory.

We are looking into a way to put a native e-commerce solution into the Webflow platform but I do not have a firm ETA on that.

The Dynamic Embeds is our step towards helps those that need e-commerce in their sites now, while relying on platforms that are hyper-focused on that technology.

Hope this clears up any confusions. If not, let me know! :smiley:



Hi @PixelGeek

Thanks for your reply. This is very indeed cheerful. It’s brighten up my day.
I just can’t wait to see it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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