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Could you provide a helpful feedback for my first website?

This is my first website and am still working on it. I seek some feedback and suggestions in terms of UX and UI. Pls share your input so that i can improvise and make it better.
link to the website:
Read-only link:

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Hi Medha,

You got started quickly on your website and made a good start! Maybe try to add a bit of variety to your different sections? Also don’t forget about the mobile version as you go too.

Check out all of the Webflow Tutorials, I’m still new to Webflow as well, but I found that the tutorial where you build the WF homepage was really useful, and you learn about interactions, styling and pretty much everything you need to get started.

It’s definitely worth taking an hour or so at least to watch them, as it will probably save you loads of time later on and saves you keep going backwards.

Good luck!

I would recommend some nicer icons (preferably same style and .svg format) as well as some better looking fonts.

Hi @medha

Here are some small tips:

  • Split your content into different section and give them all a different kind of background. One static image on the back of your whole website isn’t really entertaining :slight_smile:

  • The “Scroll down” icon doesn’t really add anything to the website, I’d lose it

  • You have a lot of different navigation menus, 1 on top and one under every section. I think 1 navigation menu is enough. By making the position of your navigation menu Fixed, it will appear on top of your content automatically.

  • Make your navigation stand out more. Push the hamburger menu to the upper left hand/right hand corner, make it bigger, give it a white background colour, add some padding…

  • Make your font bigger and make your line-height 1.6 times your font size.

  • Add a background to your form text field so people know it’s a form field.

  • Put your social media icons next to each other, not in a triangle. It looks kind of weird to me.

This is just some advice. Doesn’t mean you have to take all of it, but they can definitely help :slight_smile:

Hi Mark

Thanks for your feedback would look into the webflow tutorials and am yet
to add more interactions and media query to make the pages responsive to
various devices.
If you could answer a few questions:
Were you able to navigate through the website easily?
Did you have to search for buttons?
how was your experience throughout exploring the different sections and
pages of the website?

Thanks in advance