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Could this site with filtering be recreated in Webflow?

Could a site like this be created in Webflow? It has filtering, sorting and tags. It also has users that contribute events through a user/password authenticated form. Any suggestions for webflow?


It’s not live filering, it’s series of links leading to categories pages and CMS nodes. So yes this is doable, and pretty easily, with Webflow CMS. This site could be a Webflow CMS without any custom code as far as I see it.

How can I allow outside people to add events? They would only update the Events collection. Possible!

With CMS hosting, you can add up to 3 collaborators who will only access the Editor part, to add CMS content. however, you’re not going to be able to define roles and to limit their access: they will all be able to add any CMS content, in all collections.

That was one of the questions I had was user roles. I am hoping that is a feature coming soon. Full editing permission is not always desired.

You might look at another system with roles or even a google form and then use zapier to push entered events to the collection.

You mean like MemberStack?

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I haven’t looked at memberstack. I was just thinking about the adding of events via a form, not full account / event management. I’d be looking at, but memberstack looks interesting.

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It’s only natural that it will come. There’s just so many aspect of development to address and Webflow is only 5 years old. Roles for Editor will come one day, it’s a very safe bet.

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Ha you’re right @HammerOz. Using Webflow API and Zappier, you can craft forms that are injecting data in a collection and publish it. You could then have 3 different pages for 3 different roles, with a form in each, targetting different collections if needed.

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These are all great options. Thanks everyone!