Could someone give me some pointers on replicating our old site

Hi Folks, I’ve been evaluating webflow for a couple of days as a viable platform to move our brochure site to.

As a test, I’ve been trying to replicate the top section of our website (, it’s a full-width slider with some positioned text, and the navbar is sitting on top of the slider until you move off the section.

I’ve been through the university videos and tutorials and done some research, but I can’t find a way to replicate it.

Would anyone be able to take a quick look at our existing site and maybe suggest some learning materials or other pointers I could use to replicate the look?

Replicating this is pretty basic stuff in Webflow. Where are you getting stuck?

Your current site seems to perform really well. What’s your need to change platforms?

What @Port_of_Folio said.

Looking at your site that would be easy peasy in webflow and in fact you could do even better stuff pretty easy like some slide-in images on your sections. There are even some excellent inexpensive templates I believe that already have most of the functionality of your current site built-in.

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Thanks - I’ve been trying things out - keeping most of the design the same (we figured that learning the framework whilst improving the design would be a bad idea), you can see the fruits of the labour so far here.

Applicita-Eval (

Thanks for all the support - I’m really enjoying the forum, the university and platform.