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Could a"back to top button” scroll only half of the webpage?

I am having a problem with the "back to top button”. I want the “back to top” button scrolls only half of the web while I split the web into Left-Hand-Side and Right-Hand-Side. The LHS is full range display and not suppose to be scrollable but RHS does. I placed a back to top button on the RHS but it doesn’t work.

After tested with different setting, seems that I must set the overflow as visible to all.
Could anyone help?

I have placed the button on the CMS template of As I See It.
I was trying for long but still could not figure out. Not sure how to fix it.
Thanks a lot!!


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You want the right section to set the height of the page, and the left section to be fixed:

Writing Right Section:
Remove “overflow” property, or set to :eye: visible

Left Section:
Set “postition: fixed” and “top: 0; left: 0”