CORS error messing with lots of things

Hello I have been running around in circles with this one for a while now. The website was working fine and then I added the page “order guide 2” to test a new feature we wanted to implement which is a pop up modal showing the product information so that they can stay on the same site. Basically I am using ajax protocol in the custom code of the page to pull the CMS content into the modal so that they can stay on the order form page instead of jumping to a new window for product information. The CORS error comes up which is one thing I would like help fixing, but in addition to that it has broken my pop up modals across the entire site even ones that aren’t accessing external APIs on the contact page there is the button to sign up for the newsletter which brings up a pop up modal and that is now broken as well. It works in preview mode but when I publish it just reloads the page instead of bringing up my modal. I installed the CORS plugin to see if that was the issue and as long as I have the CORS plugin activated all of them work fine.

Please help because I have no idea what could be going wrong. Here is the preview link to the project:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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