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Corrupted grid.. does Webflow do updates late at night?

I’ve been building a website with grid and two nights ago I was working in the early morning and everything to do with grid was corrupted out of the blue. Then I log in later the same day and sure enough, Grid 2.0 has been released.

I’ve been attempting to fix everything but since the release of Grid 2.0 the grid has been extremely buggy and I’m essentially stuck. I’ve had several crashes, and the site is still a mess. This is a paid client project… the client is getting annoyed and I’m losing money.

I’ve had this problem before with other things. It seems like Webflow makes updates late at night and I’m getting caught in the middle. The last two times it was with the CMS and I had use a backup. In that case I also lost time and money.

It’s a little difficult to justify spending money on a pro account when I’m also losing that amount or more in lost work at least once per year. There must be a way to apply system changes on a delay for accounts that are actively working, this is silly.

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Hi @LOGODUDEabides,

Please reach out to For a speedier response, please provide the issues that you’re having, such as screenshots, videocasts and your site name so we can look into things sooner rather than later.

Our team is distributed worldwide, with many of our engineers based in the US, so what’s late in one place is earlier somewhere else.

If you also want to paste your issue here, then someone may be able to help find a workaround/solution in the meantime. If you would like to share your issue, then please add your read-only link too.

Our support team aim to reply to priority customers within 24 hours.

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