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Correcting website for portfolio (time sensitive) - longer message

I would like to send 10,000 emails saying how great Webflow is.

Its great. I would need to write pages with organized tables, researched referential examples (how other sites compare) and more… to fully express.

A new client is considering accepting a contract. They must approve my samples first. I made a sample with Webflow that has some easy errors, like overlapping text and pages ending awkwardly. Yet those easy errors are just easy looking. Really I feel it relates to more complex foundational problems.

I never learned how to build properly with Webflow and just put text wherever, images, so on. properly building on the other hand I believe involves using blocks, tags and stuff.

I must present my portfolio to be approved. This was promised by this week that ends Sunday.

So I gotta fix that site.
Design is done. Everything is done.
Just some “easy looking” errors to fix.
I feel like a good 30m-1.5H stretch via video call screenshare can fix it. With a Webflow expert.

Me fixing it alone? I would have to study dozens of hours and maybe fail. Which takes longer and may result in a contract lost. If I end up designing with Webflow, not Wix, Eeentually I will study the dozens of hours required (if I approved for this contract, so I can make the site with Webflow), just right now I gotta quickly fix site for client by end of this week.

Can someone please guide me over 30 min or longer via video screenshare wherein I just open the editor, point out the errors, and you say “Oh that there, just put that menu in a block,” “That text, put it in a block,”?

It would make the difference
I want to use Webflow for this new contract … not Wix. Webflow represents growth in web skills. Wix represents a small pool; a limitation, when compared to Webflow.

Thank you,

Website I am referring to, that needs correction

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